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  • January 1 2022 (Architecture. A formal description of the system, Software and IT systems)
  • December 28 “Bad” problem is the one which is technically “Hard” (Architecture. A formal description of the system)
  • December 12 To re-turn to feasibility you have to innovate (Architecture. A formal description of the system, Cloud Computing, Compliance, GDPR, Security, Industries, Markets and Speculations, Software and IT systems)
    To innovate means to disrupt. Disruption is feasible if it transforms into improvement. And that transformation from disruptive innovation...
  • December 12 Live Writer is Open (Software and IT systems, Windows, Microsoft and the rest)
    Suddenly people who payed for WP based sites and blogs, can actually use...
  • December 10 Ouch! EU businesses after Safe Harbour (Data Centre, Industries, Markets and Speculations)
    Split between EU privacy watchdogs on Safe Harbour worries...
  • October 29 Share Point universe in 2015 (Windows, Microsoft and the rest)
  • September 20 Is there a future for Microsoft? (Architecture. A formal description of the system)
  • July 7 Sky Wide Computing ™ (Architecture. A formal description of the system, Cloud Computing, Industries, Markets and Speculations)
    Currently There is no ability for the CTO of "Company X" to wake up one morning, click a button on a web control-panel, and suddenly shift...
  • July 4 Architecture of Windows 10 and Windows 11 (Architecture. A formal description of the system, Windows, Microsoft and the rest)
    Paradoxically non existence of Architectural decision is impossible to change. And neither is good information for public domain....
  • June 21 How many more years of misery for MS WORD developers? (Software and IT systems)
    MS WORD Help System is solidly anchored in the past century. Illustration above clarifies the hoops countless of "Office Solution"...
  • June 7 List of events attached. The jQuery plugin. (Software and IT systems)
    jQuery is internally maintaining the list of events it was asked to attach/detach to/from an element. Strictly speaking this is not a...
  • June 1 Understand what Microsoft does, not what Microsoft says (Software and IT systems)
    Maybe this CLANG fork will turn out to be "just" what Microsoft implemented as Non Standard C++ attributes , or not ... it does not...
  • June 1 Windows 10 campaign has started: Exit is not an option (Windows, Microsoft and the rest)
    You are using our OS. Your desktop is our desktop. We can install whatever we want on your desktop. And, no there is no "Exit" link, button...
  • May 30 C++ prodigy? Beware of Visual Studio 2015RC (Software and IT systems)
    C++ prodigy? Beware of Visual Studio 2015RC. C++ project is not unicode by...
  • April 22 Singapore Prime Minister has coded Sudoku. In C++ (Software and IT systems)
    Transcript of Speech by Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong at Founders Forum Smart Nation Singapore Reception on 20 April 2015 | Prime...
  • April 7 Springy (Architecture. A formal description of the system)
  • March 30 Cloud Computing terminology might hurt you (Cloud Computing, Data Centre)
    There is a problem these days, whenever someone is trying to understand what kind-of-*aas is someone talking about. Or trying to sell....
  • February 22 XIAOMI is going beyond LEAN (Software and IT systems)
    Unlike the customized Android builds from most other vendors, Xiaomi started out making Android ROMs before it even shipped a phone. It...