HEXO, JEKILL, HUGO, GATSBY and the rest, are not for end users

HEXO, JEKILL, HUGO, GATSBY and the rest, are not for end users

They are CMS platforms for developers and administrators. Why is nobody mentioning this clearly?

I am so very tired of the CLI hype everywhere. Prime example of what I am calling

Software kindergarten…

It is now 2019 Q2 and we are “enjoying” the tirany of CLI. Without GUI no open source software will be ever adopted by the market. Including static web generators mentioned on top of this post.

Installing node is far beyond reach of 99% of software using population. HUGO is also CLI but it wins here hands down (at least for me) simply because it is a single exe. No node and no constant npm cli sessions to chase the updates and deprecation of hundreds or even thousands of node modules.

Wodrpress? It is also free and open source, but is not taking part in cli tirany. For end user WordPress is symphony of usability and GUI easyness. Can anyone advocate any of platforms compared here being used instead of WP for the same purpose of having fast, free and usefull GUI based CMS?

Administered by thousands of ISP’s. WIX, Joomla and Drupal teams know very well what makes WP currently unbeatable. They have tried and failed with technically superior platforms.


End user is the king. Usability is the key.

Developers Kindergarten
Developers Kindergarten
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