Just when you thought he is lost to C#

I bounce back  :)

So what is my grunge for today? In particular I “hate” proliferation of “frameworks” or “awesome” libraries in “fashionable” programming laguages. Translation:

  • “hate” — is in double qutoes because I am not emotional againts anything in IT. I stopped long time ago
  • “frameworks” — perhaps 1% of makers of those things, even knows what is a “framework”.
    • ATL is a framework. STL is a library, for example
  • “awesome” — by now the most ridiuculous word, readily revealing the marketing blurb iliteracy and its author iliteracy and inability.
    • Sure sign to turn around and look elsewhere
  • “fashionable” — an strange attribute to attach to decades old technologies and to something like a programming language

This is not just about C#.

Here is an example how you can make simple but very usefull little foundation mechanisms yourself. You just need to spend some more time in abstract thinking land v.s. coding which is not abstract thinking.

Here is my C# foundation mechanism which (half jokingly) I am calling GIF aka “Generic Iteration Framework”. As framework it is not.

No dependencies whatsoever. No fancy snazzy C# “the latest”. Just clear use-case with well explained requirements and functional and working code following.

Enjoy using it. Some of the ideas and concepts in there are 10 years old today.