c++ The Mithycal Console App

Why hiding it, I like this diagram. A lot. It represents a typical “cloud side” (Azure) system using some component called “XYZ”, that happens to be written in C or C++. Most likely C, because it has to be integrated with NODE.JS.

Spot your product
Spot your product

You are C/C++ coder/developer/owner (of XYZ) and this is where your component lives these days (2020 Q1). Or in a place much like this one but on a different cloud. Continue reading “c++ The Mithycal Console App”

c++ how to handle two param packs — lambda solution

The requirement is to be able to handle two-parameter packs in the same time.  Just to be sure we are on the same page, using one parameter pack call, on a single c++ function, looks like this:

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Dear Chairman: Please keep your eyes on the road

Somehow the Roadmap was not followed. Best navigation App did not help.

As a business leader, do keep on engaging with Enterprise Architects regularly.

You are the captain, Architect is the navigator. You say where to go, Architect says how to get there.

At least twice per year check with your Enterprise Architects, are you actually where the markets wanted you to be.

Vision and Road-map are long term navigation maps, best owned by good and forward-thinking Enterprise Architects. Don’t let something “amazing” surprise you, as it happened to NOKIA