C++ is bad, wrong, “slow train wreck”, disaster

This error was certainly handled

Like any other (software) undertaking, it is not going to end well if not started well.

One needs to know why is one using C++.

After a decision has been made and documented, to use standard C++, one should aim to fully understand the language and tools.

This is the best answer, I can give when people talk or write in anger about some programming language in general and C++ in particular.

C++ DBJ Error Concept, at last

Approximately 6 months ago I posted to Reddit. Under the title:

Decades have passed, standard C++ has no agreed and standard error handling concept.

That got attention and some important folks from the C+++ universe also chimmed in. More or less all approving.

I obviously had to show some code. No pressure there. Continue reading “C++ DBJ Error Concept, at last”

“Hands-on” Architect?

The Confusion
The Confusion

“Hands-on” Architect , is like a Brick Layer who is sometimes an Architect

Do not get confused. Stay competitive.

Hire an Enterprise Architect and  let him define the road-map for your business. Let him ask the difficult questions, before answering them.

Good Architect will  define the solutions, as you  understand them from your point of view.