C++ DBJ Error Concept, at last

Approximately 6 months ago I posted to Reddit. Under the title:

Decades have passed, standard C++ has no agreed and standard error handling concept.

That got attention and some important folks from the C+++ universe also chimmed in. More or less all approving.

I obviously had to show some code. No pressure there. Continue reading “C++ DBJ Error Concept, at last”

“Hands-on” Architect?

The Confusion
The Confusion

“Hands-on” Architect , is like a Brick Layer who is sometimes an Architect

Do not get confused. Stay competitive.

Hire an Enterprise Architect and  let him define the road-map for your business. Let him ask the difficult questions, before answering them.

Good Architect will  define the solutions, as you  understand them from your point of view.