What is the core of Azure?

Why do we care what is the core of Azure?

Here is why. It seems Microsoft marketing has overwhelmed the target audience with dozens of made to be equally important Azure “services” (for the lack of better word). The “full Monty”: Posters, charts and animations. It is enough for Azure newcomer (developer or decision maker) to make and keep her dizzy, instead of producing focused and relaxed visitor, when entering the Azure yonder.

Key Azure Components
Abstract shapes or Key Azure Components?

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Enterprise Architect vs Solution Architect

Remedios Vario -- The Juggler -- 1956
Remedios Vario — The Juggler — 1956 — Epitomy of an Architect

What an Architect is not?

There are organizations making a mistake of not clarifying that one. Alienating in that oversight, a lot of good architects.  An illustration? To illustrate this “knot-weed of legacy thinking and contemporary errors”, that can grow out of fertile misunderstandings of architectural roles in a real-life organization, perhaps this might be one sobering example. Reading this amazing (hilarious?) job description, one might think, for a single person, even “Neo” has no that much powers, as they ask from a poor architect.

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Azure Cloud Focus : Nano Server Nano Role

Containers in the Azure Cloud
Containers in the Azure Cloud

More than a year ago I was (as a lot of others where too) excitedly speculating about Microsoft Windows Nano Server.

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