C++ In the year 2020, and beyond

What is the role of C++?

It is indeed rather important to put into the right context the software one could and would be asked to develop with particular programing language. In this case C++.

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C++ Matrix & Functional Programing

The purpose of this post is to show and explain a bit more about practical usage of  C++ “lambda power”.  This time in developing a light, fully functional, fast, and hopefully  not that often seen, matrix creation utility. Functional programming style.

GitHub gist is here.

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C++ Not easy to start with

The other day, a C++ student approached me on-line, while he researched some tiny framework of mine. In his own words he”bumped into this problem”.  For some reason, he still uses Visual Studio 2017 IDE. Annoyingly he had an image, not a source code, to prove the problem. Sigh.

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C++ the good parts — std::swap

std::swap is quite fundamental. And allow me to assume, fundamentally glanced over by you :) Which is a pity; understanding std::swap concept fully, will make you more clear on a few other important C++ concepts. Continue reading