JavaScript without if else cascades


Never ending JavaScript. Is this a rehash of an old post? Yes it is.
But Ii it still relevant.? Well, yes it is. Very much so.

Please (re) read carefully and try and use in your production JavaScript.  In case you want it to be resilient and efficient JavaScript.

[first published 2011 Sep 15]

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Enterprise Architect vs Solution Architect

This is often asked. To help the understanding of the audience I often use this analogy:

The Enterprise Architect is like a town planner. Solution Architect is designing the buildings in that town.

Thus Solution Architecture starts inside the boundaries defined by enterprise architecture.

With my TOGAF hat on, I would say: Top level Architecture continuum of an organization is defined by Enteprise Architecture. Principles and Artefacts and Reusable Blocks.

Good analogy: Urban (Town) Planning vs Architecture. Town planning is divided above in Urban Design and Planning.  The latter we might call “Strategy” in the Enterprise Architecture continuum. (click on the image to see the source)
[2009 July 1, original post]

For those wanting more here is one more detailed and longer post ( Published Sunday, September 02, 2007 9:18 AM by Gabriel Morgan )
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