Moment := micro + component

Entity Based System diagram found on the ancient scrolls

Components 2020 aka ECS

I have just realized there is an “Entity component system” architecture in full swing these days.  I very often use gaming development as the proof something works or does not work in reality.

To me, ECS is very encouraging proof that best application architectures are constantly repeating the same overarching theme: Components. Often independently of each other.

Then I remembered I did this Java Script component-based idea 10 years ago, Interesting. Read on. Continue reading “Moment := micro + component”

C++20 — char8_t, the quantum type

Update 2020 FEB

We are after yet another WG21 milestone.  C++20 is done.

Here is my succinct message. Regardless of OS, there is no legal way to output u8, string or char. Lets try printf.

For “no decision yet”, WG21 is “blaming” WG14 … thus few more short years and the world will have formating char for UTF8, from C/C++ that is. I am also puzzled, why making char8_t a keyword and then not implementing a support for it?
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