C++ In the year 2021, and beyond

The point is: Someone has to pay

Software development is often a risky business.  The stakeholder’s point of view is rather important. The stakeholder has one question: Is that feasible? The question for you today is: Is it feasible to invest in C++  based development? Continue reading

C++ Lambdas & Matrix API

The purpose of this post is to show and explain a bit more about the practical usage of  C++ “lambda power”.  This time in developing a light, fully functional, fast, and hopefully not that often seen, matrix creation utility. Functional programming style.

GitHub gist is here.   The previous post with another very interesting matrix variation is here.

Update 2021 MAR: The gist version 6 is a major update. Matrix related code does not use the std:: lib any more.

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C++: How to avoid implicit conversions

Release 0.6.0

Pompously named epiphany.h is added. Idea is to turn some implicit conversion warnings into errors.  Just enough to make your code not compilable without the help of  nothing_but<T>. Also data() method and assignment methods got their ref. qualified variants. In order to stop taking data from temporary objects and to stop assigning to temporary objects. Continue reading