c++ : human readable type names on both platforms

In case you like to experiment and learn modern C++, you will be needing some R&D little nuggets of your own.

For example. C++ is notorious for its powerful meta programming capabilities.  Thus it is very likely, in your C++ quest, you need to see the name of some type that is giving you headache.

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Just say No to XML

just say no to xml

Children, this is the picture of “XML”. Document Markup Language. It was used by the end of the XX-th century.

This was a post from  May 2015. Unfortunately it is still actual in May 2018.

This probably applies to you. Especially if you are an Developer.  Or if you suspect you might be a .NET Lemming? (A member of any large group following an unthinking course towards mass destruction)

.NET and SharePoint in particular are two likely offenders here. It is now 2015 (May) … Oops? It is already 2018, May.

This subject (XML in software development) has been reiterated to death. And back.
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C++: my own string comparisons

An Apple and an Orange. Not the same.

Probably this subject comes as a surprise. Most of the  Windows development population rarely (if ever) thinks of string comparison,  as a separate subject. Neither was I, until one recent day I foolishly clicked on that “Code Analyzer” menu entry in my Visual Studio while trying to make sense of the famous WINFILE source code.

Fast forward few days, Battle bruised and much wiser I have decided to write about my experiences.

Please proceed here for a riveting read. And some MSDN  rant too.

My Quora nano moment of glory

“Mr Chueng” was kind enough to ask a question on Quora, which due to some email meandering of destiny has dropped into my inbox, too.

I think there might be some educational quality in this text, so here it is for my followers, here.  So what was the question and what is the answer.
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