C++ Matrix & Lambda Programming

The purpose of this post is to show and explain a bit more about practical usage of  C++ “lambda power”.  This time in developing a light, fully functional, fast, and hopefully not that often seen, matrix creation utility. Functional programming style.

GitHub gist is here.   The previous post with another very interesting matrix variation is here.

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JSON : Naughty parsing is still allowed

Update 2020 Sep 01

Is this a “silly but harmless” or “crazy awesome dangerous” JSON handling, I would like to let you decide. Aeons after the original post, we still have these “JSON is not safe” issues in Chrome 85 and the rest. Few examples: Continue reading

C++ : Strong types and the C lesson

You are a software developer.  You are first-time reading two header files of two phone book components. Your task is to select one, make your company pay for that one you just selected, and then ask everyone to use the one. Continue reading