Misterious case of JScript.NET

C# is bloated beyond repair. I like F# or IronPython (for example) and I would love D# to be a .NET programming language, and not a “guitar chord”, when Google-ing it up. (Or is it Bing-ing ;o)

The mysterious life of JScript.NET, is it seems complicated by someone or something even more mysterious? It is always present in all .NET distributions, but never present in VisualStudio. It is the only .NET language which has no VS support.

For example, consider F#. An infant when compared to JScript.NET. But an infant which is fully and properly supported in VS2010. F# comes with a Microsoft Visual Studio language service that integrates it with the IDE. With the language service installed, Visual Studio can be used to create F# projects and the Visual Studio debugger used to debug F# code. In addition, it comes with a Visual Studio-hosted interactive console that executes F# code as it is being written.

Why is there no this kind of support for JScript.NET ? Its “foundation” JavaScript is a programming language of the WWW. MicroSoft is fully supporting JavaScript, including active involvement on the ECMA and HTML5 comitees.

But. JScript.NET is “nowhere to be seen”. It is lurking as command line compiler in .net folder and as a single file type in VisualStudio, which is actually made for JavaScript.

Why such a curious neglect ?