HTML5 is spoiling the assumed balance

HTML5 spoiling the assumed balance? We are in  2017 Q4, XAML is back to the Windows and here to stay.  So what is this HTML5 title all about?

Aim is here to show you a bit of a history regarding XAML in the context of my text bellow written 6 years ago. Ok, let’s rewind to 2011. WinJS is raging beast in the Windows woods. Windows 8 is out. Times are interesting. One must always take the opportunity to learn from history

It is now 2011 June 24-th.

And no, you are not sleeping.

Windows 8 debate continues. Here is one very good and informed article. Albeit 100% Microsoft centric.  This article has a lot of useful info. Key points (from it) for me are:

  1. Managed and native are equal in W8
  2. XAML stays (please read  THIS )
  3. WinRT API starts seriously replacing Win32

All well. But what I do not see crystal clear in here is: HTML5+JavaScript are still very deeply and very firmly embedded in W8. And are also “in the front”. Yes this is basically HTA in the front. I am using HTA constantly since 1999, and I was always wondering why was it put under-the-carpet.

More importantly this article is not mentioning the very serious commercial reality MSFT is facing.

  • HTML5/JavaScript combo has won over SilverLight/XAML xombo
  • Mobile consumer oriented computing is going to be the Cloud Client computing paradigm
  • Apple & Google ante portas! Shed all the weight and regroup for the battle!

Combat Technologies will have to be very carefully selected by MSFT, in order to win this battle. This is (I think) why Mr Sinofsky is1 embracing HTML5/JavaScript. In a very open and brave manner I have to say. As we have learnt yesterday Node.JS team now have the full official support of MSFT in the effort of porting it to the Windows. I presume W9. Ooops ?!

HTML5 spoiling the assumed balance. Indeed.

1Or rather was embracing.

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XAML Candy