Enterprise Architecture Methodology or not, governments are doing it

Remedios Vario -- The Juggler -- 1956

Yet another proof (out of many) that governments do adopt core principles of Enterprise Architecture & Governance. Proven in large and not so large corporations and organizations.

New South Wales government strategy  (external pdf)is just like any other modern business strategy. Concise, to the point, simple and overly rather important for the country governance.

Besides understanding the importance of “data” and “digital”, NSW government displays its support and unashamedly underwrites the most important “detail in the machine”: the importance of internal cultural change.

This strategy cornerstones are:

  • citizens experience as customers of government services
  • a government that is “digital on the inside”
  • the use of data that brings “everything together” in the implementation

Perhaps pointing to (my text) Enterprise Architecture Methodology4G (Enterprise Architecture Methodology for Government) might give you furthermore detailed overview on how to start safely, about this kind of overarching strategies.

But one can do much worse than carefully examining the details of NWS government involvement with its citizens and businesses. Please do read the above pdf carefully.


Hearing the whisper of change