The Big Switch

HTML5, JavaScript, WINC++, no SilverLight, where is .NET, etc … W8 uproar is all arround us. No point on cogitating more on that. Now I am asking myself: where does W8 roadmap leaves some until yesterday important Microsoft projects? Very good as an example of this suddenly doubtful, until yesterday flagship projects, is: LightSwitch.

If you think you need to know more about it, this is one very informative post about it. From an IT pro for IT pro. Therefore and again no point of revisiting points visited in this post1.

But where is the W8-HTML5-JavaScript trio leaving this product? Why would anybody buy it and use it? Apparently price is not very palatable. Ok then, what about big customers? My answer: they already are developing similar kind of applications, integrating their legacy apps and data. Using SharePoint, ASP.NET and everything else Microsoft was recommending and selling to big customers, until now. So why would they forget about all the tooling they bought and focus on LightSwitch ?

Perhaps this product should be renamed BigSwitch™ ?

Send it back to the team and order HTML5/JavaScript front end, this time.

1.Although I do not agree with some