Good Morning C++

If there is one important post this year, then I suggest Marry has already written it already. It is a strange feeling when one knows he is proven (more or less) right. After 10+ years of persistently and stubbornly clutching to one idea, or ideology or “beacon of light” … or whatever you want to insert in here.

After (some people say) mastering C++, eons ago, I was faced with commercial reality and inevitably:C# and ASP[.NET]. My (knee jerk?) reaction was JavaScript1. Which almost immediately turned into one complex project, which was based on what we today know as “Ajax”. Unbelievably, that was 2001/2002.

Since then, looking to C++ with my renewed “functional programming” cap, I came to realize what is wrong with taking too large doses of classes and inheritance. Today I am trying to balance functional style with very right sized (I hope) amount of OO in my code, designs and architectures2.

These days, I am (also) something of a jQuery JavaScript HTML54 fan, I try to avoid C#3 as much as I can, and I also follow what is happening with the likes of F#, Python and Erlang. And let us not forget the rising star of a GO lang.

But still, I know there is no better tool than C++, for delivering complex, AND robust software. Which of course is most energy efficient too.

And there you have it. I am reading Marry’s post and I am realizing that next version of Windows (W8) will be a comeback of C++.  10 years after…

1.Perhaps due to my [Auto]LISP and Awk experience
2.Just like standard C++ lib, aka STL does
3. Which became an epitome of a programming language Frankenstein
4. I type this in an HTML source view