JavaScript dbj.cond-itional all the way

I have found some  time to do it properly at last.  If this is all news to you please start from here.  the beginnings and motivations are described here.

Classification of patterns of usage aka “Shapes”

Sounds very pompous. But it seems it is not and it is very useful to understand how to use dbj.cond effectively. Just click on the image to jump to dbj.cond shapes catalog,

For the ones wondering why would anybody think of replacing if-then-else , I might suggest to start from Wikipedia  introduction to the issue.

There are 2 NPM  packages one GitHub project and one JSFiddle so far.


Is know much streamlined.  Secondary comparator is introduced and so on. Please start from its NPM page.

Release V 4.0.0 (23JAN18) has the core algorithm rewritten.  And improved.

API: dbj.cond.strcmp() and dbj.cond.reset() have been added.


Previously bundled with dbj.cond. Now separated and highly functional NPM module.


Is an ongoing effort to collect tests and examples showing and proving the validity and usefulness of dbj.cond() , and the concepts behind.

dbj.cond in the browser

Thanks to  RAWGIT we are able to provide easy no-fuss permalinks to the latest up-to-date files

dbj.cond permalink

dbj.cond.comparators permalink

JSFiddle, using the above links, for quick testing in the browser of your choice is here


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