Windows in danger!

The latest Microsoft Re-Org is a Sandstorm that has engulfed suddenly everything in the industry.  Some people are confused and rushing towards  numerous MVP’s  pop-in’ in and out in the midst of that sandstorm of half truths, FUD,  technical illiteracy, and similar Mirages.

Therefore I am not indulging in yet another feverish mega debate for or against some minor part of the Empire. I have this urge to do the opposite. Thus, I would like to propose to you the three fundamental facts (TFF) we need to agree upon:

  1. Azure is The Microsoft Cloud.
  2.  Windows Server is the Azure infrastructure OS
  3.  Microsoft Office is the foundation of planetary supremacy

After we agree on the above we will be very clear on where is Microsoft going, how and why. Regardless of any Re-Org.

The End of Windows is upon us!

Well perhaps not. If I understand them doom-sayers what they mean by Windows. I think  they mean “Windows desktop OS” . You know the one installed in hundreds of millions of PC’s during last decades.

I beg to disagree. I like to think that Microsoft Windows is a group of several graphical operating system families. (follow the link for details).

More importantly those “Windows is dead” people do think they can “see it clearly” now after this Microsoft Re-Org “Windows” (whatever that is) is “dead” (whatever that means).  On top of that “factography” , each and every time they are talking about Linux this-or-that. Ubuntu, Mint, Fedora or some such name.

But hey, here is another army bravely fighting the Sandstorm of the Re-Org, also with their MVP generals, shouting:

Windows can not die!

I might think that too.  Now what is coming from me next, is slightly more detailed three point but let me try and explain in very simple terms. I am sorry but I had to be a bit more technical. So, why is it that “Windows can not die”?

1 Business IT Infrastructure

Almost every business is running a domain infrastructure software called “Active Directory” (AD) Chrome, Linux and the MAC OS are not feasible, because there is no feasible management and don’t actually work with group policy. Who is going to completely throw away their infrastructure, security and the ability to manage their infrastructure? Nobody.

There is also the applications problem. Linux is fine on the server side to run specific applications or as a web server but the fragmentation of Linux and the lack or real R&D  is problematic at least.  Linux is cheap or free which is why people use it but vendors are usually semi-formal groups  very slow to fix issues or exploits and in many cases they never get fixed at all.

2 Microsoft Office is The Standard

Trying to use Google docs or some free office product is simply not the same as the real thing. Many companies and governments,  have tried to switch and almost everyone switched back because of compatibility or some other issue. Now if you are an not-a-user who only needs to type a single letter at home – then maybe some “open” office will work for your needs. But then, why not just use 100% compatible suite of 100% free, very functional Office on-line.

3 Linux on the desktop is a complete failure

Linux has been trying to crack the desktop market for over 20 years. But it is simply not good enough or easy enough to use. The lack of applications makes it basically useless on the desktop. Tech people like me could deal with Linux on the desktop but the average user at an office could never manage it. People have a hard time just figuring out how to do basic functions on a PC or browser let alone trying to work on a Linux machine. There is also the issue with PC management on the business side (Active Directory) that will prohibit adoption of Linux on the desktop from becoming a reality.

Re-org, what Re-Org?

One might even say: Microsoft re-org does not matter. Windows is well and good and you can use it for decades to come.  So, please disperse and back to work.

Even closer to the truth: You will have to use whatever you are calling “Windows”. For decades to come.

Windows in danger!
Windows in danger!