Azure Cloud Focus : Nano Server Nano Role

More than a year ago I was (as a lot of others where too) excitedly speculating about Microsoft Windows Nano Server.

And than “boom”! Mid last year Microsoft has changed it’s role. And many MVP’s and Admin’s started wailing immediately.

Well I was somewhat lucky as I was lazy to actually test it myself on one of my machines. While some people took it very seriously and actually built the whole infrastructure on Windows Nano Server. Just to learn Microsoft has changed the direction of it.

“Nano” Server is discontinued as an actual Server offering that is part of Windows Server 2016 license. Instead it will act as the container host “only”.

Before we proceed please reed this very informative post . It is about testing Nano Container Host on a Windows 10, Hyper-V and “Docker for Windows” Containers.

(note: what article does not mention are hardware and OS requirements so that one can actually enjoy the combination above)

What is my point?

Same as ever: Never do what Microsoft says. Always do what Microsoft does.

Containers in the Azure Cloud
Containers in the Azure Cloud