Googlops ?

Are we witnessing the birth of a new one eyed, Cyclops like, single eyed monster?

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Is it only me or have You too noticed, this underlying Google ideology, which can be summed-up in one short sentence : More than one is not necessary.

One OS, with one browser on one kind of a device. All connected to one “Google” cloud. Why have more and complicate your life? Have one, and enjoy the simplicity Google is building for You.

Is Google this new IT Cyclops ? A mythical monster creature that sees everything through a single three coloured lens of a single “Chrome” eye?

Update 2010.06.03
Just when I thought I was perhaps too harsh against big good GOOG-y ?

Also. This bit of a “news” about GOOGy switching to Mac OS-X and Linux , bothers me a lot. Especially when relayed by supposedly technically adept people. How could anyone who is in IT business think of any large-ish company deploying Mac’s on desktops? Imagine GOOGy decision makers, deciding on Mac’s for desktops? But why not some Jobsian zealot (still) may ask. This is why not: Mac on the desktop will cost GOOGy more than it pays for a server in any of its data-centres.

So, can we all please start talking sense here? Especially in the view of the fact that Linux on the desktop costs GOOGy : 0, zero, nada. And that is ‘costs’ in the present time, not ‘might be costing’ as in some possible future time.

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