Googlops ?

Are we witnessing the birth of a new one eyed, Cyclops like, single eyed monster?

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Is it only me or have You too noticed, this underlying Google ideology, which can be summed-up in one short sentence : More than one is not necessary.

One OS, with one browser on one kind of a device. All connected to one “Google” cloud. Why have more and complicate your life? Have one, and enjoy the simplicity Google is building for You.

Is Google this new IT Cyclops ? A mythical monster creature that sees everything through a single three coloured lens of a single “Chrome” eye?

Update 2010.06.03
Just when I thought I was perhaps too harsh against big good GOOG-y ?

Also. This bit of a “news” about GOOGy switching to Mac OS-X and Linux , bothers me a lot. Especially when relayed by supposedly technically adept people. How could anyone who is in IT business think of any large-ish company deploying Mac’s on desktops? Imagine GOOGy decision makers, deciding on Mac’s for desktops? But why not some Jobsian zealot (still) may ask. This is why not: Mac on the desktop will cost GOOGy more than it pays for a server in any of its data-centres.

So, can we all please start talking sense here? Especially in the view of the fact that Linux on the desktop costs GOOGy : 0, zero, nada. And that is ‘costs’ in the present time, not ‘might be costing’ as in some possible future time.

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  1. Both Apple and Google are trying very hard to be the old Microsoft right now.

  2. Dusan,
    I read the article you linked to and clearly Jason Perlow is not ready to absorb the shift :)

    We don’t need to have all the usual Windows applications running the same on Linux, there are many alternatives, people just need to tune up their needs to specific set of task they need to solve and spend a bit of time into learning how to use the new applications. Seemingly Jason Perlow uses 100% of all existing Windows applications and seemingly just missing one of them (iTunes) is the blocking factor for him. I don’t get why he is using Windows, if he really have iPad/iPhone and is so in love with iTunes he should definitely switch to Mac not to Linux.

    By using Windows, Google is too much exposed to attacks like those that took place early this year, so I believe their decision was based more on security than 100% back compatibility with Windows applications. Linux is a much better choice for them, will let them cut on costs and show they are the smartest open source company around.

    There are plenty of fantastic applications for Linux, covering any area of productivity/office/development and best of all they are free and very stable. Whoever says it’s difficult to switch to Linux has never really tried to do it :)

    And talking about Mac OS X, it is just another *NIX box (BSD) with Cococa as UI (instead of GOOG).

    Switching to Linux/*nix is easy and really educational ! Yes we can :)

  3. @Diego, I am using Mint Linux every day since it is installed on my laptop.
    I never seriously contemplated “leaving” W. I am using Visual Studio, every day due to the IT reality in this universe. I think, I could move to Linux, as long as there is Visual Studio Linux version :)

    For general IT users population, moving to Linux is practically impossible. I do not know who you work with and who are you meeting generally, but 99% of people I am meeting in my professional capacity as an IT Architect, are totally unaware of very basic IT. For them the whole IT can be abstracted away, into two words: “Microsoft Office”. And this is billions of people on this planet.

    Maybe Google needs to be this single minded and focused (as I think it is), in order to succeed in this impossible task of changing this reality ?

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