iFool 1.0

On that evening, like almost every other day before, a man was hopelessly stuck in his car in a solidly blocked traffic. On some wide and long highway, above some wide and long city. Thousands of red lights , fuzzy in the heat of thousands of exhaust pipes, miles ahead, dimming into the horizon, in front of him.

But that evening was somehow different. Something has happened with the man. All of a sudden it was crystal clear to him that he is a fool. A fool in more ways than one.

First of all, he could have stayed at home, and worked on his Quad Core PC. Second, he could have taken the train this morning. By now he would be at home if he did that. Third, it was not necessary to buy a Porsche, just to be able to crawl 20 mph, same as this guy in front of him in Hyundai “Getz”. And, so on and on. He could think of several more facets to his foolishness.

With a sigh, he adjusted the cabin temperature in his Porsche, and then he reached for his iPad 3G and switched it on. He wanted to check the local traffic info, on the web. But then, he could not do that, too.


He is envious, because he does not have one.

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