“Mort”, “Elvis”, “Einstein” … vs Zombies ?

Mort Elvis Einstein Zombies. Might they be names used for the types of developers and for their users?

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“Mort”, “Elvis”, “Einstein” 

There have been quite a few discussions lately covering the different segments Microsoft breaks developers into.

The standard names given to the 3 major groups are:

Mort – the opportunistic developer, likes to create quick-working solutions for immediate problems and focuses on productivity and learn as needed.

Elvis, the pragmatic programmer, likes to create long-lasting solutions addressing the problem domain, and learn while working on the solution.

Einstein, the paranoid programmer, likes to create the most efficient solution to a given problem and typically learns in advance before working on the solution.

Interesting experience, “from the IT trenches”.

I think we can juxtaposition one particular group, to the three mentioned above: The prototypical users of the IT systems that Mort or Elvis, or Einstein. are facing.

I would like to refer to this user with the nickname: Zombies.

Is this not somewhat obnoxious, one might ask. Why would we call them Zombies?

Well, during a working lunch, one day recently, one of my team members happened to mention that he was reading the book: The Zombie Survival Guide“. And he went on to describe how to survive a zombie attack.  I happened to notice (and comment) that when he was describing a zombie, that it sounded an awful lot like the prototypical business user of our system. And the term just stuck. Since that day we called them users: zombies.

Just like “real” zombies, most often enterprise users are moving slowly. You think you are faster and smarter. But they are always trying to isolate and surround you, and then they eat you alive.

Mort Elvis Einstein Zombies. Is this normal naming?

So what do you think?  Should we oppose this single group to the list of three?

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