Microsft + Skype = MicroSKYPE

Each and every financial news journalist has commented on MSFT pruchase of Skype. And each and every of them clever financial journalists is very confused. They are very confused with the money MSFT has given for the Skype. Here is my angle.

First a slight detour. SIP is made 100% free by EU for EU citizens. For example all calls from SIP to SIP terminators should be 100% free.

Also, when You are asking for a SIP service, SIP provider is obliged by EU law to offer you 100% free, completely legal telephone number. I am using SIP, my number is 020 33 XX XX XX.

Which opens many interesting nasty questions for companies charging for SIP services. Like BT or M$FT for example. I would like to see them bite the dust on this one.

Skype is not based on the SIP protocol so that EU regulators cannot investigate it. Perhaps M$FT will switch to that protocol.

And perhaps this is why M$FT has paid $ 8.5 billion for Skype last week?

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