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C++ How to create unique types, from the all stack template. Part two.

Same Template Different Types
Same Template Different Types

Part one is here. And what is going on in here?

A real-life use case. I had the same task in my dbj++sql. An SQLite standard C++ API. A simple template with “nothing” inside that has to be made into separate unique types when defined.

Simple looking, but crucial for the whole framework to offer “simple udf’s” functionality for the customers.  And I wanted to implement this with as little interaction as possible with complex sqlite3 C API. Continue reading

BitTorrent Technology built in Windows 10?

[Update 2018 Oct 21]

This morning this post, came out into my focus again as it poped-up among the most popular ones. Who or what made these views I do not know. In any case: welcome.

Anyway. Bit Torrent Sync is now called “Resilio” Inc. They have built a company around it. And it appears there is a free version for personal use.

Please check here. I think I am going to install this on all my devices, and a few more, and use.

Sometimes we need to say: “Just say no to the cloud”.

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C++ How to simply handle variable number of function arguments

This is the first of posts, I am going to write primarily for C++ beginners.  Where this title “beginner” is a misnomer in the context of C++. To become a solid C++ beginner takes time and effort.

This is not a good situation. And the reason why, among other reasons, C++ creator (Bjarne Stroustrup) has written very short but, I think a very important “message to all” called  “Remember the Vasa!“. Please read it. Continue reading