C++ SQLite Yet Another Api (YAPI)

Perhaps not C++?
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Not for cookies, but for data and just very recently, I had a need for a local storage, aka desktop database. Of course, it has to be small but complete, mature and functional. And the API, I am creating, has to be simple.

Thus “C++ SQLite Yet Another API (YAPI)”, was born.

Update: just checked in, a much lighter version “1.0.1”.

NOTE: This library is part of the dbj++ suite of utilities. It depends on it. For easy no struggle results, fork the whole dbj-laboratorium of which this is one project.

There are things in there which are important and not currently documented in this post. Like using syslog, windows client and server, and a such. Or proper usage of std::system_error etc. Time is short and documentation is surely comming. Please stay tuned.

For immediate professional help please do mail me at: dbj@dbj.org

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