Apple and Google OS “Templates” are the same

And opposite of Microsoft too.

Both Apple and Google OS-es are based on the same Architecture. Kernel OS Architecture (Linux or some other UNIX variety)

Secret Sauce OS Architecture
Secret Sauce OS Architecture

Above is the template for both Android and OSX. Bellow are both of them viewed “from 10,000 miles above”.

In the case of Android, “Secret Sauce” are Google Apps. In the case of OSX, “Secret Sauce” is A10 and its predecessors. Both of the “Sauces” are (very much) closed source.

A good analogy would be using a “sauce” with no label and in the sealed black bottle. Because there is no other in the shop. And Windows?

Windows is the "Secret Sauce"
Windows is the “Secret Sauce”

There is no “Secret Sauce” in the case of Windows. It is all sealed and necessary in case you need to use Microsoft Office. Which is perhaps the Windows “Secret Sauce”.  No “sauce” and only one item on the menu in the “shop”. The key reason you are using the Windows OS.