What will the Empire do about “Google Chrome Frame for IE” ?

A different and (I hope) educated point of view on this one, if I may?

After installing Google Chrome Frame , one can use it, by adding “cf:” prefix in front of any url in the IE address bar. Example:

(This will work for you only if you have GCF installed, and you are using IE)


This is implemented by using a Windows/COM feature called “moniker”.
And of course as an “normal” IE extension, using API which is documented for that purpose by MSFT.
Moniker is very powerfull WIN32/COM concept and mechanism. Often used by MSFT applications and low level components.
Of course as a such it was never fully documented, as it is not fully documented today.
I have developed few monikers. This is very low level C++WIN32. Requires very precize and (difficult to master) coding.

Google CF-Team have done 2-3 tricks which can not be done without undocumented COM features.
Since MSFT probably would not work with them on this one, they must have spent a lot of time and effort in reverse engineering.
Both in the core of IE and in the core WIN32 dll’s.

This might be one step in the wrong direction too far. I am affraid that M$FT response may be hidden and brutal.


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