Battle for the Kingdom of the Cloud

In the world of IT right now, there is a lot of smokes and mirrors going on. Why? To hide the real issues, of course.
Call me a “conspiracy believer” but … I can see the real multitude of IT battles going on. Right now, and everywhere, I look. What battles? Wars? Yes, the wars on the “server side”. Let’s call them: “Cloud Wars”.

This is where Microsoft is spending 90% of its money, time and resources right now. Creating the “Kingdom of the Cloud”. And, of course fighting Google, who also wants to be the King of the Cloud.

Question of all questions is: Is Google big enough to fight Microsoft ? To stop Microsoft to become “King of the Cloud” ?.
I personaly doubt it. First of all Microsoft is not fighting alone. There is an unstoppable Data Centre Triumvirate, in existence for some time : Intell + Microsoft + HP . I just do not see how Google can compete with these guys? Maybe the only counter force could be, an hypotetchical one :
IBM+Google+Oracle ?


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