Sky Wide Computing ™

Let’s suppose “Company X” , has managed to move all of its IT services into one cloud. Now , let us imagine this is a Google Cloud. So, what ? What is this “sky wide pie” all about?

[Originally published 2010 June]

Sky Wide Computing (tm)
Sky Wide Computing ™

Sky Wide Computing ™

Currently There is no ability for the CTO of “Company X” to wake up one morning, click a button on a web control-panel, and suddenly shift from Gmail to Hotmail. From Google Cloud to the Microsoft Cloud.

That would be SKy Wide Computing. An computing model where end-users can freely jump between the computing clouds in the computing sky.

This is currently not-possible due to almost purely political reasons. Before he knows, the CTO of the “Company X” will wake up “Cloud Locked”. Currently when you make the decision onto which cloud you will move all your earth based IT, you have made a decision for life. No Cloud jumping is allowed. The bigger you are the more impossible it gets.

What is interesting and perhaps logical strategy is “Do not put alll of Your Eggs onto one Cloud” approach. There is nothing inherently wrong with having IT services based on multiple clouds. Gmail for mail, Azure SQL for databases, and perhaps queues hosted by the Amazon Cloud. This is more complicated than a single cloud strategy (ever so slightly different security paradigms, etc.) but can be more sound as to prevent oneself being “Cloud Locked”.

Currently I do not see other choice for CTO’s, before Cloud Hosts, are forced to cooperate in order to make Sky Wide Computing, reality for customers.