Apparently I do agree too

Actually, I might say that is a picture of me.


Twitter 2022 DEC 20
Twitter 2022 DEC 20

Ok, but Grady? Well yes, Mr. Booch I have grown up with (in an IT career sense). And same as himself, I had my dollop of excitement, OO as the “final solution”, C++ as the “end of it all”, and all the other pains of growth.

Exactly like that diagram shows.


The file format used by Rational Rose, a software tool for creating Unified Modeling Language (UML) diagrams, was based on the LISP programming language.

The LISP-based file format used by Rational Rose was known as the “Rose Model Interchange Format” (RMIF). It was a text-based format that stored the data for a UML model in a series of nested lists. The RMIF format was designed to be extensible and flexible, but it was also relatively complex and difficult to work with.