Safe(r) and slow(er) jQuery

This is an jQuery 1.3.2 version of mine, made to work in the presence of Object.prototype (ab)use.

Primary use of this is for people who have a task to switch legacy sites to use jQuery, and/or some of the modern javascript libraries. Like jQuery UI, for example. None of which works correctly if “someone” has extended Object.prototype object.

If you are one of these unfortunate souls, please let me know what do you think? It seems to work for me with (for example) this :

Code above makes pure and original jQuery to fail immediately upon load. Idea is for you to use this “safe and slow” version untill you remove all the legacy code. Then you simply switch back to the the original jQuery and proceed accordingly. So the primary use of this jQuery version is for transition of legacy sites and javascript code to the full usage of jQuery.

NOTE 1: absolutely no optimization has been done in the implementation
of the idea. Feel free to post your optimised versions.

NOTE 2 : If you are in control of the management of the modernisation of the legacy site, you can allways reset Object.prototype , like this :

If your legacy code still works after this, you probably do not need this safe and slow version.