The key reason for using C and C++ is money

The real reason for using C C++


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Energy Efficiency across Programming Languages: How does Energy, Time and Memory Relate?”

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Is it more clear now?  C  and C++ code produce programs that are most energy efficient when actually running on computers. Thus spending less electricity when compared to programs that are developed in other programming languages.

And even more importantly those computers do generate less heat because they run energy efficient software that is written in C or C++ .

Bills for cooling are actually the biggest part of the costs for running data centers. And the big global IT players spend the most of their “money mountains” on data centers.

Google for example by now has more than a million computers running across data centers spread on all continents. And that might be more than two million in 2017 Q3.

If an critical necessary program is costing to run 0.1 cent per day, that  costs Google  1000 US dollars per day for million computers.  $ 365000 dollars per year. Just for one of many programs running on each of the million computers in Google data centers.

And you can “bet the farm”. that program is written in C or C++. Imagine if it is written in (for example) GO lang. That might be  0.5 cent per day for the same critical functionality. Times million computers times 365 days is  $1.825.000.  Which is $.1460.000 difference.

Do you see now why are programs written in C or C++ so critically important ?

As ever my keyword is: Feasibility.


So little C++ so much good!
So little C++ so much good!