RUST Marketing

RUST racing cart.

I have said many times already: “Marketing is manipulating the focus of the audience”

Just yesterday I found out about this 2019 piece of RUST Marketing.

Allow me to be short and merciful with my comments:

  • Starting a large project today (2022Q1), using standard C,  will exhibit zero mem leaks.
    • If done by half sane engineers.
  • Comparing RUST to exactly which C++?
    • LEGACY code, written in C++, is a completely different story.
    • there is no advice on that problem, regardless of RUST
  • It is authors manipulation not separating C++ code into legacy and contemporary.
    • and then proposing RUST to sort it all out, in the manner of a Silver Bullet
  • It is a pure MARKETING omitting  “other” once used languages: TCL/BCPL/Delphi/VB6, etc …
    • All extensively used in the past by legacy apps you might still use today.
    • Why just focusing on C++?
  • And finally, it is pure MARKETING not mentioning modern languages like .NET CORE, Zig, Julia, VLang, etc.
    • For some reason Go and Swift are mentioned

Finally, marketing any programming language is very counterproductive. Especially if the marketer is one of the “core developers” of that language like the author seems to be thinking he is.