isFunction(), final…

The other day I realised I actually have not presented the proper shape of the final version of my isFunction() function.

I stumbled upon yepnope.js project and started nosily browsing through the code on Github. If course I smugly noticed that isFunction() in there is “no good”, just to quickly realise I have never published the proper implementation of its final and probably the best version. Here it is then:
[gist id=1121314]
Original article is here :

Update 13.Aug.11

Since Gareth insisteth (see the comments bellow), I can do nothing but oblige. Here is one much more robust version, which will work correctly, even in presence of most JavaScript comedians.
[wp-js-fiddle url=”” style=”width:100%; height:600px; border:1px dotted #4173A0;”]

Enjoy. Even better: use.

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