Trusted but to be warned about

What does a concept of “Trusted List” means to you?

Trusted is not good enough

For example an list of trusted people. If I have this list, and I am serious about it, I will use it. I will trust  members of that list. Some of them might be able (for example) to know my password, or PIN. This is because they are TRUSTED. Once trusted, forever trusted. (Hopefully)

But Microsoft IE team “thinkers” do not see the world in the same way. Here is the IE pop-up you might get when trusting you are going to the site you previously trusted. This pop-up puzzles me to no end? I have made the “Trusted sites list”, I am being warned about here.

Am I perhaps trusting too much?  Or are “they” warning me about this hotbed of mallware, hiding behind ? Should I call someone? After all if I can be so relaxed about my trusted list, am I to be trusted myself? And … Should I trust myself ?

After all there is this “orange shield” and this clear and simple warning: “…allowing this can expose your computer to security risks…”. This is all too much … maybe I should just switch off the machine and casually walk out?

I would like to be “in the loop” of endless IE team meetings where this logic is considered valid. The twisted logic that has mushroomed and that exhibits itself in this dialogue which is to be cherished for future generations learning how NOT to think when developing software.