HTA doesn’t look like a virus to me

Developers Kindergarten

‘powerof.hta’ gist is here:

Inside is just JavaScript, HTML, CSS, the complete BootStrap and complete jQuery. And some embedded images too. Nothing is included from outside.

Hopefully, it is obvious it is not a “virus” :) Please use it. Just save it to your desktop as hta file, double click and enjoy. It is executable on every Windows 10 today.

That is a complete desktop app with a fully functional GUI. Minus any C#, C++, VB, WPF, Winforms, WinUI, no .NET whatsoever. And it is not a trick and it is not a hack.

It is 21 years mature, and in every copy of WIN10, just like mshtml.dll on which it is based. And it can be used today. It just works™


HTA does not need .NET. It has nothing to do with .NET anything. It goes around 20 years of .NET and delivers.

And oh, it goes around UWP too.