Understand what Microsoft does, not what Microsoft says


Update 2015 Jun 01

From now on, until at least 2016 Q4, whenever I need to understand what Microsoft does, not what Microsoft says, I will revisit these two Channel 9 sessions:



Perhaps everything else has just too much noise vs content, to be useful.

End of Update

2014 Nov 25

I dare to speculate that Microsoft has made a decision to develop its own internal CLANG version. Really? When, why? That was sometimes approx. before 2010. Why? MSFT is using MSFT CLANG to deliver new “multi OS” Office in 2015. And MS Office is, was and will be developed in C++.

This decision was not-very-clearly made public. It was delivered very much “between the lines” to the C++ community first. For example see it here: http://channel9.msdn.com/posts/C-and-Beyond-2011-Herb-Sutter-Why-C, starting at around 0:22:00 in that video.

How did I see this?

Well, I simply think that if both Apple and Google were doing it Microsoft had to decide it will not stop at just mentioning CLANG in presentations. I think they have started CLANG fork in the same time as “the other two”, but with a cloak of secrecy. Why secrecy? Because MSFT have much larger issue of legacy to take care of, this is why the secrecy. Imagine C# “hordes” re-action, if they knew there and than, MSFT CLANG is imminent :)

FFWD to Nov 2014.

I also dare to postulate that MSFT CLANG is by now, the solid foundation of  AirSpace multi platform, C++, development environment.

AirSpace started first appearing in presentations about next Office wave that will target Win10, iOS and Android in the same time.

AirSpace started first as a “problem” way back . Sometimes before 2010. But now it is a “new” architecture which implementation is on what today (eof 2014) MSFT develops , and releases, new Office Apps.

Maybe this CLANG fork will turn out to be “just” what Microsoft  implemented as  Non Standard C++ attributes , or not … it does not matter. I think it is now an obvious solution,  to establish a working industrial strength MULTI OS DEVENV . That must exist as a solid foundation under the highway to the next Office.

The actual crown jewel of Microsoft.