2010: Year of no more coding

Let us start 2010 in the same way as every other IT year before…
Here is an article promising “a codeless AJAX”. I suppose since this “AJAX” term is very en-vogue these days:

As you can see in the comments, I jumped (somewhat angrily) onto “juvenile javascript” behind this “code-less AJAX”. But I was of the mark. Why I have not seen this immediately? Majority over there are looking for a “silver bullet”. Despite knowing one does not exist. IT history is sprinkled with repeated attempts to create “code-less application development”. Here is one random choice, from 7+ (!) years ago:

This one is coated in a tick layer of academic paint, too. My comment: just add water and bake for 20 minutes, in the pre-heated oven”…and your application is ready. Voila!

Every (new) year IT community receives these good news:No more programming! No more coding!. So allow me to join these well wishers:

Happy new 2010, with no more coding!


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