“Times they are a changin”

In recent days, it is very interesting to watch C#/.NET/ASP/SilverLight people trying to port themselves into the HTML/JS paradigm. All together with life long “unqestionable” truths like:

Class is a good thing
This is “much better”:
this.allItems = ko.observableArray(["Apple", "Banana", "Cherry"]);
this.itemToAdd = ko.observable("");
Than this:
this.allItems = ko.observable(["Apple", "Banana", "Cherry"]);
this.itemToAdd = ko.observable("");
There is a “math” behind Rx

And so on. And sadly all false … And also currently very visible in WinJS source, or BUILD demos where speakers were presenting code on stage with document.getElementId(), or document.addEventListener() everywhere …

This all might not seem very important to You, but I beg to differ. Why? This is why:

Google is watching

And notices general inability on the enemy side to produce modern HTML5/JS solutions.

Thanks …

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