C++ On and off the bandwagon

Sometimes ago I have shown a real-life example reason for the existence of generic lambda, I have managed to make.

Now please consider this:

This is not a toy.  For me, this is the celebration of standard C++. But.

Make no mistake. There are still numerous people who consider this kind of code the epitome of the end of C++.  They are hotly against Functional Programming (FP).  And hotly against the keyword. And hotly against whatever they can think of on a given day in some forum.

I have really nothing against them, but I have to think these are the people who first jumped from the C++11/14/17 “Lunny farm” onto the (for example) D bandwagon, and then jumped of it when it turned to be a “slow train crash“.

Now they are probably considering “Rust” or “GO” or “Swift”, you name it.  Until they make a full circle back to the jumping onto the standard C++ bandwagon again.

Right path is not the easy one
Right path is not the easy one
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