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iFool 1.0

On that evening, like almost every other day before, a man was hopelessly stuck in his car in a solidly blocked traffic. On some wide and long highway, above some wide and long city. Thousands of red lights , fuzzy in the heat of thousands of exhaust pipes, miles ahead, dimming into the horizon, in front of him.
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Legacy C# with default method arguments

Visual Studio 2010 is officially released. Regardless of its quality, I think that a very large percentage of companies will move from 2008 to 2010 very, very slowly. If you are a software developer “doing” C# in some of this companies, You might find this post useful.

Furthermore, there are more and more nice and useful C# samples to be found, which are in the same time presented using C#4 and VS2010. Most of that “new” code can be re-factored “back” into legacy C#. Currently, I am reluctant to invest in VS2010, so this is my solution for re-factoring C#4 methods using default arguments, back into “legacy” C#.
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metacall()()()™ API and application architecture pattern


metacall means “call of calls”

I am one of those people who think that JavaScript should not be changed. No new keywords should be added. If anything, some should be removed, like ‘new’ for example. But there is one concept and one keyword which is missing: interface. And without interface API is very difficult to make simple.

Originally published 2010 Mar 05
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