Symbian demise made me think

Symbian shuts down its websites

Whatever NOKIA does or does not do next year, it will not change Symbian’s global destiny. It will fail to exist in the same shape and It will be a very big dust cloud when Symbian (NOKIA?) fails.

The key question is: why will Symbian? I think answer is relatively simple, and yes I already bloged about it: because it is a collateral damage of a mother of all wars: GOOG vs MSFT war.


Each and every IT global players will have to stand on one side in the global clash. BlackBerry, NOKIA, Palm, etc. And yes, the “big” ones too: Oracle, IBM , etc.

But, why? Why do they have to do that? Very simple (again) : because customers do. Which mobile are you going to buy this Christmas time? You do not actually care is it HTC, Samsung, DELL, Accer , do you? What yo do care about is : is it Android or Windows Phone, or Apple. As simple as that. Or what is your home page these days? Google. Or is it maybe BING ?! Catch my drift? It is them or us. Everybody else is collateral damage…

PS: And don’t bother me with Apple please. Take a step back to see the full picture.