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This does not happen every day, so I have to be laud about it. I was right one year ago. My idea bellow turns into reality today!

So what was I speculating on about?

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I do solemnly declare that I have dreamed up this whole concept and article totally on my own. I therefore do keep all the rights to its content. Worldwide.

2008 Sep 19

What is GooglEnt ?

It is a stand alone personal computing device, constantly connected to

It’s only purpose is to provide local browser window to the It also has local web server for device maintenance.

This is : Google Client device. Looks (and feels) just like any ordinary router, with two additional slots: for the keyboard and screen. OS is Linux based. HAs no local storage worth mentioning. No HD. Local RAM is dedicated mainly to local graphics.

GooglEnt is highly modular. It uses PCMCIA concept but more advanced. Smaller and better cards, which are called : GooglEntEx (GoogleEnt Extensions) or abbreviated: Gentex.
GoogleEnt out-of-the-box (OotB) has no usb ports. (GooglEntEx to USB is provided).

WiMax is the native and default network transport.

Gentex-es for the 3G card, and for the SD card are provided OotB. Also WiFi and one LAN slot .

Local connectivity concept is taken from the OLPC device (One Laptop Per Child)
GooglIty : Google community of GooglEnt’s connected.
This potentially can render the WWW infrastructure redundant.

Architectural concept: G*Space
Every GooglEnt has a GUID.
Every GooglEnt has its own G*space in the G*cloud.
G*Space is a commodity. Initial amount of G*Space is free.
Extension is not free. Re-location is not free. Extra security is not free. Etc.
One G*Space can be shared by many GooglEnt’s. Or it can be used by only one GooglEnt.
One GooglEnt can use/visit more than one G*Space.

Architectural concept:  G*Cloud
HW+SW installation that provides exactly the same services as Google for googlent’s but is owned by the customer.Has Google Appliances as part of it. Data is stored inside G*Spaces which are inside a G*Cloud.

Architectural concept:G*Applications, are made up of services which are hosted by G*Clouds. (like Google Doc’s, Map etc.)

Architectural concept:  G*MetaCloud
G*cloud-of-G*clouds. Whole planet is served by one G*MetaCloud.

Commercial issues
This device is free. It is made by third parties.
Google Inc makes and sells BIOS and ROM (just like Apple should do (but never did) for the Mac platform). BIOS and ROM are NOT open source.
Customers are paying only for different GooglEntEx-es.
Customers are paying for additional G*Space , G*Applications, improvements, etc.

GoogleBar (G*Bar)
Place (location,shop, etc.) where one can bring his GooglEnt and connect to the www, screen and keyboard.

Printing: printing is highly discouraged. Printing uses paper. Paper uses the planet. Although GooglEntEx for printing may be made by some.

e-Government & corporations
Each government or corporation can purchase and maintain one or more G*Cloud’s.
G*Space attributes are defined by G*Cloud which is hosting it.
G*Cloud can be closed. With no connectivity to other G*Clouds.

Mobile T
GooglEntEx*GMS : slot in your SIM card, and use your GooglEnt as mobile phone.
Android Mobile telephone to be easily/naturally connected to GooglEnt (over WiMax) .
Legacy mobiles (Symbian, WinMob etc.) to be connected over B’Tooth or cable, using speical GooglEntEx(es).

out-of-the-box wifi/lan connectivity with local/remote PC’s.
Free Win driver(s) for network connectivity.
Local Web server on the PC makes PC desktop available to the GooglEntEx.


Work in progress … obviously.


Ah yes, btw, Personal*G, stand for : Personal Google Appliance

(c) 2008-2009, worldwide by Dusan B. Jovanovic

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