Under the rule of digital economy

Stories like THIS one do make me think a lot recently.

What drive them: Knowledge or ownership?

Testimonial is bellow. Bold text is marked by me. Some might agree that “owning” a company is perhaps nice. But. If we proceed like this, we all (the whole part of the globe under the rule of digital economy) will be fast driven by the wish to own not by the wish to know.

And the wish to know is what made all of this technology we are enjoying today. Not the wish to own.

Here is the testimonial that made me think.


Chris Kelsey –

“You helped me succeed!

I remember first reading your blog on Business Opportunities before I dropped out of high school at 17 in December 2014 to establish my company, Appsitude (An app/web development & marketing company).
My company reached over $4m in revenue so far this year and I have to say that a lot of your posts are what helped me get there. The ideas, insights, information and inspiration for young entrepreneurs like me that I got from you has been a great help and support for my company. I must say, I am one of those many entrepreneurs that you were able to help to start a successful business.
I am always looking forward on seeing your new informative posts like you always do.”


What drives them: Knowledge or ownership?
What drives them: Knowledge or ownership?