Circa 2010 and the “Cloud is good for you” prophecy

Ok. Let us see what has changed in “people’s heads” in the last 6 years. Or the last 10+ years since the original post.

ps: ok I was an idealist, I admit. But only about software that is. Hardware prophecy has been fulfilled.

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A lot has changed in Cloud Computing in the last 4 years. Still, let us not forget: 90% of IT users, need a clear explanation of the benefits.

[Original Post: 2010 Mar 19]

By “you”, I mean a “normal” human. The average software user. Not geek or hacker, or software developer. What I would like is to explain to you: what does cloud-computing, mean for you, not for us “techies”. And most importantly: Why The Cloud?


Cloud is good for You

Computing Cloud
The Computing Cloud

For, you the user, the business, the “information-nation”, Cloud Computing is just a “Mediator”. A level of indirection. “System” for hiding the complexity. Just a “fluffy interface” to the IT. To this “dark force”, that each and every one of you users, quietly and passionately hate and loathe, deep down at the bottom of your suffering non-IT souls :)

My claim is: Cloud is good for you.

It is defending you. It mediates between you and this imposing evil in your life (until now) called: Computers. Which I call: IT.

Cloud is not yet, but inevitably will be, sitting in front of you. In the (near) future you will not need to have an intimate relationship you do not want: with IT, I mean. With PCs. With software, hardware, “IT literacy” exams and courses, job requirements, etc. I do believe all these chores will be made much more malleable by the introduction of the “Cloud”. And ubiquitous usage of it.

It is best to think of everything you will need, for any kind of computing as a “Screen”. Just a Screen, a desktop. Ideally, Cloud should make everything else that is bothering you today “disappear”: the annoying whizzing PC box, Windows, Office, Outlook, Backup, Restore, Disaster Recovery, cables, external drives,  etc … The lot. You just need to understand that all of that will simply “disappear” in the future.

You will be left with, and you will need only: the Screen. (Probably a touch one at that.) Everything else will be “moved” to the Cloud. All hardware will evaporate and dissipate upwards, and form the Clouds.