Nikolai Vasilyevich Gogol v.s. Google

NV Gogol.png
NV Gogol” by S.L. Levitsky – File:NikolayGogol left.gif. Licensed under Public Domain via Wikimedia Commons.

  • „Onde je samo jedan jedini valjan čovek – javni tužilac, pa i on je, ako ćemo istinu govoriti, svinja.”
    • Over there is only one valid man – the public prosecutor, and even he is to tell the truth, a pig.
  • „Dobar kozak. Voli ponekad da ukrade i slaže bez ikakve nužde, ali je kozak bez mane.”
    • Good Cossack. Sometimes likes to steal and lie without any necessity, but a Cossack without blemish.
  • „Filozof je pripadao onoj vrsti ljudi u kojih se, kad ih dobro nahranite, budi snažna ljubav prema bližnjima.”
    • The philosopher has belonged to the sort which, when you feed them properly, develop a strong love of near ones.

Today we live in a GOOGLE verse, aka GOOGLE Universe. Let’s try and dream up the GOGOL universe. Primarily invented as an juksta-position to the GOOGLE universe.

Not as an universe of “The insulted and humiliated” but instead as an alternative universe of people who have read at least 10 books (wow!?) of a real kind. Books like Gogol used to write.

And yes, this universe exists positioned east of the Google universe. Just to help you find your way between here and there.