Native JSON file support

Today, in (most of the) browsers, we have native xml files support. But w e have not native JSON display support in browsers.

Pointing your browser to an xml file will produce a nicely formated xml file output, or an usefull page explaining exactly where is the problem with the xml so that it can not be parsed and formated and displayed.

So, why do we not have the same functionality in each and every browser for json files?

If I point my browser to c:/mydata.json, I want it to be checked by browser and displayed in some nice format, exactly the same as xml is today …

(Update 2009-APR-08 )


Yesterday I found out there are already two FireFox plugins available for “pretty printing” JSON data.
JSONView :
JSONovich :

This improves things a lot, although none of these makes FF to natively support .json files, from my desktop.