Windows 8: Architecture of a Compromise

W8 is an epitome of a compromise in more ways than one.

[originally published 2012 Mar 21]

What the heck is happening to Windows?
What the heck is happening to Windows?

This is first time for an OS. Windows 8 is actually, architected as a compromise. Previous versions have been dragging the stone of legacy around MSFT neck, but W8 is architected (concieved) as a compromise from the ground up.

And yes, you know very well what am I talking about. Touch+Desktop. WinRT + WIN32 on the same machine, inside the same OS, inside the same run time. Must be a fantastic achievement of Mark Russinovich et all, but I am afraid, also it might be the seed of undoing of the whole Windows empire.

Key problem is not technical and thus not easy to solve. It is called: CONSUMER. Microsoft has clearly shown that it does not know how to deal with consumers IT. All of a sudden corporate IT is not an overpowering reason to buy and use Windows. Android hordes are “ante portas”. Apple is basking in consumers love (and dollars). And these pesky little usable and brilliant tablets are so clearly, and in an unpleasantly focused way, showing all Microsoft conceptual and strategic mistakes. All in one little device.

We have not seen yet WOA consumer preview or official MSFT blessed device(s). We are now firmly in 12Q2 and by 12Q4, world is supposed to enjoy W8 release date. So inevitably, people are starting to wonder, if “king is naked”…

For me right now, W8 seems like a “Jack of all Trades”  inverted:  it contains something of everything, but too much for anyone… Still, I have to admit, I am hoping I might be wrong?