What about Visual Studio for Mac?


Here is what I think about that. Let me start from seemingly unrelated factoids. And thus manipulate you to the conclusion.

Microsoft Multi platform “CODE” editor. Using Elektron platform and written in Java Script.

To develop software Microsoft is using native platform. Not .NET

Not .NET anything to build anything important. Even if it is a cross platform project, even than majority of the MSFT written code is C++ too.

This is the crucial info for anyone trying to understand how is MSFT trying to catch up, vs Google and AWS. In that power triangle MSFT is not the leading light of progress or good design. Because  .NET is more and more seen as a dead end. “Even” with Xamarin or .NET core, projects .

Therefore my first thought on the subject of this post: What team would care to use Mac’s and Visual Studio to develop .NET code, on the Mac?

What makes me so cocky and self confident here? One MSFT project. Just look into the CODE Git Hub repo. Amazing technology and application architecture. To me it is clear and obvious choice, to develop new software for commercial use,  Xamarin / .NET Core is not the best plan out there right now.

But are there no well known .NET based projects in widespread use? Yes, there are few, well known. open source, .net based projects.  That are also these days having difficulties deploying to Windows 10. Just observe carefully the forums. Some libraries are getting corrupted “mysteriously”. This is also why perhaps no MSFT serious project is based on .net.  And on the other side, there are well known and successful projects NOT based on .Net.  Allow me to repeat. Probably the best example, which also is not based on VC, and does not need a ridiculous VC redist is CODE editor. MSFT open source that is.

Why would any team need Visual Studio on Mac?

Is it to use expensive Mac machines to make what: Xamarin Hodgepodge?  So that it might be developed on Mac and then released on Windows 10 too?

ENGADGET (and few others “famous” tech news confusionists) is an cute kindergarten where the facts presented in this article, are completely invisible. Transparent. And that article is crucial to understand what tools and technologies MSFT uses in its development stack to make software. Commercial software that is not open source. And will not be open source any time soon.  And not surprisingly that is not developed on Visual Studio on Macintoshes.



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