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GDPR; a source of endless joy.

Cloud Wars: News from the trenches

I think I found it bemusing, how fellow Architects and organizations, have already subconsciously “forgotten” about good old GDPR.

To put you firmly back on track, I might suggest this recent very good ZDNET article. I read it twice. Then a few more times on the same day. Then I followed all the links available there (ditto no links from me here).

GDPR: EU privacy watchdog probing the use of AWS and Azure cloud services

My point. It is not wise to promote oneself as Cloud specific (hint AWS) specialist, I might rather advise the “Cloud Agnostic” approach.

But, what that has to do with GDPR? Always leaving a healthy amount of manoeuvring space between the GDPR and the “Cloud of Choice” is one very wise strategy, the core of the trick perhaps.

Hint from the report from the trenches: Cloud solutions, based on Azure / Office 365 platforms, are embraced by the EU. Both, Corporate and Government EU.

Please make sure you read the article behind that link above.