Cloud: I thought it is obvious

sphagetti structures
Isn’t it obvious?

Often, we find ourselves thinking: “I though that is obvious…”

For example. What I thought is obvious on what is the necessary precondition to move the business to the cloud.

So, what is it then?

The Good Architecture

And of course, I thought everybody  knew what is a good Architecture. After 20+ years of non trivial projects, I was wrong. So, allow me to be clear.

Good Architecture, is a description of a system and its components, exhibiting:

  1. Clear separation between Layers of Abstraction
  2. Clear separation of Components, on each layer
  3. Simplicity

Where the 3QF, has to be a natural habitat in which organization lives and functions, and in which good architecture is developed.

The Feasible Outcome

Just with the above one can hope to migrate feasibly, the business to the Cloud. And finish the migration with the measurable improvement as an outcome.