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Comparing is crucial


Javascript cond. Just what is that? Well some time ago, I have started what could be described (I hope) as my proper1 contribution to the JS community. GitHub project is HERE.

Please be sure to peek into the Wiki for detailed explanations. Also please drill into the qUnit tests, developed in the test folder. Assumption is since you are here reading this, you are not “github challenged”, and you understand and know how to do all of this.
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Why Larry did it?

It is Very interesting to see al these theories and musings on the subject of Oracle (aka Larry) and Microsoft (aka Steve) forming what seems to be a “friendship”. I think very few (if any) of them commentators is pragmatic (read: they are all wrong). (The other few new recent “friendships” of Larry are somewhat irrelevant). So here goes my version (which is right, of course). Continue reading