Chrome OS on a Galaxy Mobile Device?



Of course, GOOG made a wrong decision with deciding on Java VM, to be used inside Android.

And now GOOG is paying the price. That is: they are about to pay, even if there is no money involved, and even if they do not loose in the court v.s. Java owner: Oracle.

Chrome OS on a Galaxy Mobile Device?

To mitigate all of this, what GOOG could do (realtively easily) is to release GO development environment and Run Time for Android. As a matter of fact they could make a “knee jerk” reaction and release more or less immediately, Chrome OS Mobile, for (almost) all relevant devices running Android today. But. Imagine what would happen if suddenly we would have Samsung GS2, GS3 or Nexus, with Chrome OS, or even “just” GO runtime environment.

But this is where this cardinal mistake comes to light so clearly. Alas, Android was released too soon.

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