Is Cloud Computing feasible?

The other day I stumbled upon one very good feedback on Azure feedback site. (unfortunately it is not moderated and is by now full of escort services offers in comments)

Most of my readers know (very well) I could not be easily described as “Microsoft fanboy”, but this made me produce this feedback to the feedback.

Owning the car is the least feasible solution. If you travel a lot between City A and City B, the most feasible solution is to take the bus. (for example: Office 365). If you have customers on that journey then lease the bus and charge them accordingly. MSFT is offering buses for rent (example: Azure Container for every passenger)

If it turns out you have a lot of customers (who like your service) lease the train (example: Azure Enterprise Cloud).

As the owner of facilities you will always be a first class passenger. Your customers? That depends on you.

That is the model. You can select between Azure and AWS. There are no other feasible options


Here you are. Nothing works better than a good analogy.


The IT reality hit
His Cloud Computing bill really hit him this time.